I'm Jack, and I'm a professional photographer and graphic designer based in Carlisle, Cumbria. 
With over 10 years experience in the creative industries, I've been involved in projects and provided creative solutions for businesses and individuals across many sectors, including arts, retail, hospitality, education and financial services, from logo design and product photography to social media management and print advertising. 
I specialise in food photography and portraits. I love food - from cooking to eating - and I have a passion for presentation. I believe a dish should look beautiful as well as taste great. It was this passion, combined with my love of photography, that sparked my branch into the world of food photography. When it comes to portraits, I love capturing the character of an individual. Whether it's for corporate or performing arts, my photography style is completely flexible to ensure the end product meets its purpose. 
I want great photography to be as accessible as possible. My studio set-up is entirely portable, which means for product and food photography I can shoot on location in a busy kitchen, a working warehouse or a restaurant table and get the same great results as in a studio - with the added bonus of capturing the atmosphere! For headshots and portraits, I often find people can relax into the shoot the most if they're in a familiar environment, which ultimately results in a better capture of their personality.

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