Great Corby Brewhouse

Great Corby Brewhouse is a wonderful micro-brewery based in Great Corby, Cumbria producing small batch craft ales in bottle and keg.

Recently the Brewhouse sought to expand and push their online presence, with social media and website at the forefront.

They were looking for consistent imagery, strong brand identity and behind-the-scenes snaps of the brewers hard at work that demonstrated the same character as can be found in their beers.

Product Highlights

I started by capturing some standard product photography of their core bottle range for use on their online store page. These images ended up being incredibly versatile, and feature prominently in their social media content and product highlights. 

I composited some quirky images to tie in with their bottle label design, and whimsical memorable puns to make it fun! 

Headshots and Team Photos

The Great Corby Brewhouse team are full of character, and we wanted to show off the people behind the brand’s beloved beers.

We captured some great portraits of the brewers and delivery drivers, using the working brewery itself as a backdrop and a small portable studio lighting setup. We encouraged the brewers to bring in personal items that they felt showed their personality, as well as cracked open a couple of bottles – we were in a brewery, after all!

Seasonal Beers and Promotions

Seasonal guest brews are a huge part of Great Corby Brewhouse’s charm. The brewing team are incredibly innovative, and have created some fantastic flavours with their limited-release craft ales. 

We wanted to ensure these got the same publicity as their core range. We adopted the same composite theme as with the product highlights, and had great fun thinking up the puns to go with them!

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