The Fleece at Ruleholme

Project Overview: In December 2021, The Fleece at Ruleholme, a highly anticipated luxury Lakeland hotel, proudly opened its doors to the world. With its exquisite blend of two restaurants, 23 opulent rooms, and a stunning function suite, The Fleece immediately established itself as the new standard for sumptuous Cumbrian dining and luxury accommodation. To showcase the hotel’s grandeur and elegance, I was entrusted with the task of capturing the finer elements of the establishment, including the exquisite wedding offerings it provides.

Challenges: The primary challenge of this project was to artfully capture the essence of The Fleece at Ruleholme’s luxuriousness and opulence through photography. The hotel’s exquisite details, from the lavish interior design to the enchanting wedding elements, needed to be presented in a way that would entice potential guests and elevate the hotel’s brand presence.

Approach: To ensure the success of this project, I adopted a meticulous and creative approach to photography. Understanding the client’s desire to portray the essence of luxury, I focused on meticulous compositions that highlighted the hotel’s unique features. I strategically used lighting and angles to accentuate the fine details of the decor, capturing the ambiance of each space.

Outcomes: The final set of photographs captured the very essence of opulence at The Fleece at Ruleholme. The images depicted the hotel as a luxurious haven, enticing potential guests to experience its grandeur firsthand. The carefully curated shots of wedding elements added a touch of enchantment to the hotel’s offerings, positioning it as a premier wedding venue in the Lake District.

The photographs not only elevated The Fleece’s brand identity but also became integral to their marketing collateral. Utilized in brochures, website banners, social media campaigns, and promotional materials, the images played a significant role in attracting new guests and event bookings.

Conclusion: Capturing the luxurious opulence of The Fleece at Ruleholme was a gratifying experience. Through creative photography, I successfully showcased the hotel’s splendor and created a visual narrative that resonated with the hotel’s target audience. The captivating images continue to be an essential component of The Fleece’s marketing efforts, establishing the hotel as an icon of refined elegance in the heart of the Lake District.

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