The Fell We Climb – Premiere Event

Client Overview

Anti Racist Cumbria, in collaboration with Plus3k Animation, premiered their short film “The Fell We Climb,” a significant and impactful work addressing important social issues.


To capture the essence and atmosphere of the premiere event, highlighting key moments, distinguished guests, and the overall response to the film.


  1. Pre-Event Planning: Coordinating with the event organisers to understand the schedule, key participants, and desired photographic outcomes.
  2. Photography Style and Technique:
    • Employed a documentary style to authentically capture the event.
    • Utilised low-light photography techniques to adapt to the indoor lighting conditions, ensuring clear and vibrant images.
    • Emphasised candid shots to capture genuine reactions and interactions among attendees.
  3. Key Moments:
    • Focused on capturing the arrival of guests, highlighting their expressions and attire.
    • Photographed the key speeches and reactions during the film screening, capturing the emotional impact of the film.
    • Took group photos of the team behind the film, including shots of Anti-Racist Cumbria and Plus3k Animation members.
  4. Post-Production:
    • Carefully selected and edited photos to enhance quality while maintaining authenticity.
    • Adjusted lighting, color balance, and composition to ensure each photo conveyed the intended atmosphere of the event.
  5. Deliverables:
    • Provided a diverse range of high-quality images for use in press releases, social media, and promotional materials.
    • Ensured timely delivery of images post-event for immediate use in media and publicity.


  • The photographs captured the essence of the event, from the excitement and anticipation of the guests to the profound impact of the film.
  • The client used the photographs in various media outlets, enhancing the film’s visibility and reach.
  • Received positive feedback from the client and attendees for authentically capturing the spirit and significance of the event.


The successful photography at the premiere of “The Fell We Climb” not only documented a significant cultural event but also played a crucial role in amplifying the film’s message. The blend of technical skill, artistic vision, and an understanding of the event’s significance resulted in a compelling visual narrative that complemented the film’s impact.

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